Bonded Builders Warranty Group

Customized, according to your specific needs.

Performance Warranty Plan

Bonded Builders acts as the warrantor for workmanship, materials and systems from day one, as well as for the 10 years structural coverage.

Bonded Builders assumes the full risk of the warranty:      - Receives warranty claims requests,
- Conducts warranty claims investigations,
- Performs warranty claims repairs or provide settlement,
- Makes payment to the party making the warranty claims repairs.

Administration Plan

Bonded Builders will administer your or a competitor's warranty on closed homes for a fee, until the warranty period expires. This plan allows your company to eliminate the warranty department immediately, yet retain control of warranty decisions and costs.

Warranty Liability Transfer Plan

Bonded Builders assumes responsibility for the warranty obligations for your completed and closed homes for workmanship, materials and systems warranty, as well as the obligation remaining on structural warranty coverage. We will fulfill the obligations as outlined in the warranty document provided to the homeowner. this plan may allow you to recover a portion of warranty reserves immediately.

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