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Builders Risk Insurance

The Builders Risk Program provides commercial inland marine insurance coverage for residential and commercial general contractors for structures under construction. This program is designed to meet the needs of the small to large home builder, commercial contractor and remodeler.

Builders Risk policies provide coverage on buildings or structures in the course of construction, erection or fabrication. Coverage is for direct physical loss, unless the loss is excluded. Building and structures in the course of construction is limited to:

Materials and supplies that will become a permanent part of the building or structure

Foundations, excavations, grading, filling, attachments, permanent fencing and other permanent fixtures

Scaffolding, construction forms or temporary fencing at the jobsite

Temporary structures at the jobsite


Flood Insurance

Buildings in the course of construction that need to secure a loan are eligible for a flood policy prior to the start of construction. Coverage is also available for building materials housed in an enclosed building on or near the insured premises. Be smart - protect your investment and all your building materials with a Flood Insurance policy.

Did you know that even though the National Flood Insurance Program only insures buildings and not the land, there are special exceptions for buildings that have yet to be walled and roofed? Your Builders Risk or Commercial General Liability policy does not cover damages caused by flood waters.

Builders Risk or Commercial General Liability policies do not cover damages caused by flooding.

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