Bonded Builders Warranty Group

Three ways we secure your business.

Financial Security

We know that security is important to you as a business owner, and to your clients as homeowners. In addition to our 25 years of service and experience in new home warranties, Bonded Builders is proud to be part of the Bankers Financial Corporation (BFC) family of companies, protecting the interests of builders, homeowners, business owners, consumers and investors. Since 1976, BFC has issued over 20 million warranties, protection plans, insurance policies, surety bonds, contract & commercial bonds, and annuities. You can rest assured knowing that Bonded Builders has the experience and financial backing to be there when you and your homebuyers need us the most.

Product Security

You've spent a lot of time, energy and money building your business and its reputation in the community. You need an exceptional partner who can support you with a great new home warranty and the best dispute resolution service in the business. A major structural failure can cost you not only money, but also time and resources that you didn't have budgeted or planned. Bonded Builders new home warranties and related insurance products take the worry out of the equation.

Sales Security

Surveys indicate that a homebuyer is more likely to purchase a home if it comes with a new home warranty. Warranties offer them peace of mind for all those "what if" scenarios. What if my new home has a major defect problem? What if my new home's air conditioning suddenly stops? What if my builder unexpectedly goes out of business and I have a problem with my home? Bonded Builders home warranties put all those questions to rest.

Additionally, if your homes are energy-efficient certified, our Residential Energy Guarantee can back up your home with a utility usage guarantee. Those happy homeowners are likely to pass along their great experience to their friends and family, resulting in increased referral business and more sales for your company.

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