Bonded Builders Warranty Group

Homeowners come with expectations.

The quality of your guarantee is the difference between a sale and a "see you later."

Homebuyers want confidence that they are buying a quality-built home. They also want to feel confident that the dream home they are buying delivers the promised energy efficiency. Your reputation as a quality builder certainly helps buyer confidence, but what if you could give your customer more than a promise? Imagine what a guarantee of workmanship and energy efficiency, backed by the nation's leading provider of new home warranties, could do for buyers' confidence and peace of mind.

You don't have to imagine anymore! Now you can guarantee that dream home with a new home warranty and residential energy guarantee from Bonded Builders.

Third-party warranties with a 10-year structural guarantee.

Bonded Builders warranties offer 1 year on materials and workmanship, 2 years on mechanical systems and a 10-year structural defect warranty. More importantly, because our warranties are covered by the strength, stability and security of Bonded Builders and their parent company, Bankers Financial Corporation, your buyers will feel secure knowing they're covered.

Today's new homebuyers are more cautious than ever before. A new home warranty from Bonded Builders builds confidence with prospects.

Guarantee your homes' energy efficiency.

Homebuyers are looking for assurance that their new dream home will be everything they expect it to be. Your homes are built to energy-efficient standards and receive a HERS® certification. Guarantee that workmanship with our Residential Energy Guarantee program. The HERS® certificate is used to establish an Annual Energy Guarantee Level for your home. At the end of the year, if your energy usage exceeds the guarantee level for natural gas and electric usage by more than 15%, Bonded Builders will reimburse the homeowner for the difference in cost. Now that's a powerful statement!

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