Resolution solutions, plain and simple.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, our proven resolution process, Conciliation, will manage the conversation between you and your builder. We help all parties reach agreement without the additional cost, time, inconvenience or bad will of legal action.

Claim Review Group/Mediation
Claim Review Group and/or Mediation is another step provided through our unique dispute resolution process. Upon your request, Bonded Builders will set a convenient meeting at your home with a qualified professional of your choice representing your point of view, and another independent qualified professional to review the item(s) of concern.

In an extreme case, if Conciliation does not facilitate an agreeable and equitable outcome, you and your builder may request arbitration by a professional independent organization.

You can submit a claim online or you may print and mail one of the following forms:
Workmanship & Systems Defects Claim Form
Structural Defects Claim Form