What is covered?

Your eligible product is protected for mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use and operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s written specifications. Your product must be readily accessible in order for service to be performed. The Service Contract provides coverage only for the product(s) listed on the face of this Service Contract.

How do I get service?

You simply call Customer Service at 1-800-952-9278 to request service. It’s that easy! If your product is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty, we will transfer you to the manufacturer to arrange for service. If the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we will arrange for service. The toll free Customer Service center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Who performs the service?

Service and repairs are performed by manufacturer authorized service providers.

Is there a deductible?

There is a $50 deductible per claim and it is collected by the service center. For full details, see the service contract terms and conditions.

How can I purchase coverage?

From this web site, just select the plans and the products you would like to cover. The cost will be charged to your Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Can I transfer my plan?

If you decide to sell your home, your plan may be transferred to the new owner at no charge. Instructions on how to transfer your coverage are listed in your terms and conditions. It is quick, easy, and may even increase your home’s resale value.

I purchased a plan, however I have not received the paperwork?

If you provided your email address when you purchased the plan, you should receive your agreement via email.  If not, your agreement will be mailed to you.  If you still haven’t received your agreement, please call us.

Can I cancel the coverage?

If you wish to cancel your warranty, please call Customer Service. You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 30 days of purchase and a prorated refund thereafter based on the length of time you have been covered and less any claims paid.

When does the coverage begin?

Coverage begins upon expiration of your products manufacturer’s warranty. However, your major appliance may be eligible for certain additional benefits during the manufacturer’s warranty period such as Power Surge or Food Loss.

Is power surge protection included?

This service contract protects against operational or mechanical failure of a covered appliances resulting from a power surge. This benefit is for major appliances only. It does not apply to HVAC units.

What products are covered?

You have the option of purchasing more than one major appliance package and selecting the appliances you wish to cover. Eligible appliances for packages include clothes washer, clothes dryer, dishwasher, kitchen refrigerator, kitchen freezer, garbage disposal, range, wall oven, cooktop, built in microwave oven, and trash compactor. Refrigerators or freezers must be located in the kitchen in order to be eligible for this coverage.

For HVAC service plans, you may only purchase one plan for one unit up to a 5 ton capacity.

What is not covered?*

  1. Consumer replaceable items including but not limited to; light bulbs, fuses, replaceable fluids, hoses, belts, bags, filters or any other parts or materials which are designed to be consumed during the life of the product; adaptors and add-on accessories.
  2. Failures of the following non-operational components such as but not limited to: cabinetry and cabinet frames, decorative finishing, door liners, glass, custom fronts for appliances, handles, knobs, masks, racks, rollers, shelves, software, media and cosmetic damage.
  3. Damage resulting from unauthorized repair; improper gas or water connections, or electrical wiring and connections; damage caused during delivery, improper installation, or setup; user facilitated minor adjustments and settings outlined in the product’s owner’s manual; inaccessible products or parts; negligence, misuse or abuse; damage or cost associated with insufficient or improper coolant and/or lubricant levels.
  4. Failures due to corrosion, rust, dust, animal or insect damage; Acts of God such as fire, water, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail or earthquake; civil disorders; riot; nuclear accident; accidental physical damage by any external cause; malicious mischief; theft or vandalism.
  5. Your failure to follow the instructions described in the product’s owner’s manual, manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures, requirements, and misuse or abuse of the product.
  6. Payments for subsequent service calls, including trip charges which result in no problem found diagnosis, customer education and non-failures as determined by the Administrator whereby a repair is not required to return Your product to normal operating condition in accordance with the manufacturer’s written specifications are not covered.
  7. Parts and services covered during an existing manufacturer’s, distributor’s or in-home warranty.
  8. Products which have been previously, or is subsequently, determined to be defective by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the manufacturer, and for which either entity has issued, or issues a warning or recall, or when a failure is caused by manufacturer’s improper design, use of improper materials, formulas, manufacturing process, or manufacturing defect.
  9. Product used for any commercial purposes.
  10. Conditions, which existed prior to your purchase and delivery of the product or the Service Contract. Special, indirect, incremental, or consequential damages; loss of use.
  11. Any service request or situation which may pose a health risk to our technicians or service providers.
  12. Any cost associated with tearing apart walls, cabinetry, etc. to access wiring, components, etc. associated with custom installations. Ductwork is not covered under this Service Contract.
  13. Any costs associated with upgrades or modifications due, but not limited to: inadequate capacity; dimensional or design change; insufficient or excessive water pressure; inadequate wiring or electrical capacity; failure to meet building codes, zoning requirements, utility requirements, or failure to comply with local, state, or federal regulations.
  14. Any costs associated with permits or failure to obtain permits.
  15. Any costs associated with disposal of hazardous materials including but not limited to asbestos, Freon, or Freon reclamation.


* See the actual terms and conditions of coverage for complete details.