WiFi Experience

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Just about every home buyer these days will install at least one wireless internet router in the home. Asking a potential buyer about his or her wireless needs shows that you as a builder are concerned with their total satisfaction.

How well does WiFi work in your homes? If you have a model or a homeowner who will give you feedback, take time to get some real world information on how well WiFi works in a particular home. Consider making an extra cat 5 cable run to the main hub in case the buyer needs to add an access point. Consider exterior walls in particular. Does Wifi work in the garage, the yard. For just a few dollars, you can make today’s tech savvy customers very happy.

Talk to electricians and the phone and cable companies about being able to package services for customers. Most buyers would gladly pay a little extra to have wiring run to make their portable devices work. Consider the same advice for TVs and telephones.

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