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Delivering quality and value in an ever-changing market is the new challenge of being a builder. Village Homes, a Colorado owned and operated homebuilding company, combines traditional Realtor outreach with a first-class web presence to reach today’s buyers — even those relocating from out of state.

“We used 2010 to establish ourselves,” says Scott Sinelli, Vice President of Home Building Operations for Village Homes. “We redrew all of our plans, we had to understand the new market, build models, redo our website and create a new marketing plan.”

Scott says a lot of careful study went in to both the designs Village Homes offers and the communities in which they build. He says Village Homes is focused on delivering great homes and great values in award-winning communities to a diverse group of buyers.

Village Homes builds in five communities in the Colorado Front Range and nearby mountains. The communities take advantage of the mountain landscape, offering parks, trails and recreational facilities that make coming home the best part of any day.

“We like to focus on good communities. They are more than just projects or neighborhoods,” Scott says. “They are great locations.”

Village Homes range from 1,500 to 3,200 square feet and are priced from the mid $200s to the mid $400s. The award-winning designs can be customized to an individual buyer’s needs.

Scott says that even though the region sees its share of winter weather, October through March saw two solid quarters of sales. Village Homes has a lot of second-home customers who really like the ski-in/ski-out and golf course features of their Granby Ranch community west of Denver. Closer in, Village Homes sees a lot of relocation buyers.

Building on the Web

The Village Homes website attracts buyers from all over the world. Scott says buyers looking for distinctive homes will come in already knowing the floorplan they want and what options they want.

“We sold one of our larger homes recently to a family from Kansas who spent hours and hours online looking at the Denver market, says Janet Mitchell, Director of Marketing for Village Homes. “On their buying trip, they knew what community they wanted, what home they wanted and the options they wanted. They walked in the door knowing what they wanted all from the website.”

Village Homes website includes brief summaries and maps of each community, convenient, downloadable PDFs for each community, a list of homes currently available and interactive floorplans for each home it offers. The information sheets include information on schools, shopping and recreation. They also include contact information and hours for the community’s sales center.

Village Homes unique use of the web as a selling tool also includes realtors. The site allows realtors to register and get direct access to the Village Homes inventory, floorplans, elevations, etc.

Scott says working with Realtors is an important part of finding buyers.

“Realtor relationships are very important to us,” Scott says. “Since we’ve been doing Grand Openings over the last three or four months, we’ve had a lot of Realtors come to our open house meetings where we get a chance to show them all our homes and specs.”

Registered Realtors also get regular communication from Village Homes and exclusive opportunities to see what makes a Village Home unique.

Village Homes also uses traditional signage, open models and referrals to find buyers. Village Homes serves a mix of first-time buyers, move up buyers in Metropolitan Denver and vacation/second-home buyers for its ski-in/ski-out community in Grand County.

Scott says Village Homes also caters to move down/empty nest buyers.

Today’s homebuyers want to protect the environment and enjoy lower energy bills, Scott says. Village Homes follow Green Building practices; each Energy Star home is independently reviewed and verified, making a Village Home up to 30 percent more energy efficient than a standard home.

By installing upgraded insulation, high-performance windows, using tight construction practices and efficient heating and cooling systems, Village Homes offer long-lasting value for buyers.

Village Homes partners with the Interior Resource Group to help each buyer make their home unique. Village Homes and their designers walk buyers through their choices of colors, finishes and flooring options as well as their floorplan options making each Village Home unique

“Architecturally, our homes are fantastic. We spent a lot of time really understanding what people want,” Scott says.

“They are very livable plans,” he says. “Every house has a long list of standard options… room options, appliance options, window options… when I walk into a house, after we have built it, I’ve never seen any of them look alike.”

The Bonded Builders Warranty is an important feature of every Village Home. The Bonded Builders Warranty is featured prominently on the Village Homes website.

Village Homes uses the Bonded Builders new home warranty and the Performance Warranty Plan where Bonded Builders becomes the warrantor for first-year workmanship and materials with a second-year extension on systems coverage.

“Having a third-party warranty give buyers great peace of mind,” Scott says. “The warranty let’s us focus on building and selling.”

Scott says the warranty program is mentioned throughout the sales process and they go over it specifically at contract time so buyers know what to expect.

“We have found that our customers are pleased with the Bonded Builders warranty program,” Scott says. “It’s a great sales tool.”

“Warranty can be a big distraction, and it takes a lot of resources to service,” Scott says. “We are finding people expect exactly what the warranty says rather than calling us for anything and everything expecting us to do work not covered by warranty.”

“Pleasantly, we are finding that customers are not coming back to us asking us to repair or replace something that’s outside what the warranty covers. I’ve not had a single complaint about what’s covered or what’s not covered,” he says.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to be the warranty provider for Village Homes of Colorado. For more information about Bonded Builders, visit For more information about Village Homes, visit

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