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The annual member census conducted by NAHB allows the association to track the characteristics and composition of its members in general, but also to create detailed profiles of particular types of members, such as single-family builders. The latest census shows that in 2011, NAHB’s typical single-family builder started 23 housing units, employed 9.5 people (5.3 construction and 4.2 non-construction workers), and earned about $1.6 million in revenue.

The 2011 census further shows that the number of builder members whose primary business is single-family building fell to an estimated 24,159, down 12 percent from 2010 and 53 percent since 2008. This decline directly reflects the profound downturn seen in single-family home construction over the last few years, a period that saw single-family housing starts decline by 75 percent between 2005 and 2011. It is important to note, however, that the pace of decline in single-family builder members continues to moderate: from 30 percent in 2009, to 13 percent in 2010 and 12 percent in 2011.

2008 2009 2010 2011
Number of Single-Family Builders 45,198 31,630 27,512 24,159

The census also collects demographic information about single-family builder members. For example, in 2011, 94 percent of them were male, their median age was 53 years, and their average tenure at NAHB was 15 years. In addition, 53 percent had a college or graduate degree, 29 percent had some college education, and 18 percent had a high school diploma or less. About 18 percent reported building age-restricted housing for people 55 and older.

Avg. # of Employees
Male 94% / Female 6%
Avg. # of Starts
19 single-family / 4 multi
Median Revenue $1,560,617
College/Graduate Degree 53%
Some College 29%
Building for 55+ 18%
Median Age 53
Avg NAHB Tenure 15 Years

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