The American Dream

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There was a time when working with your hands was the definition of work. When long days and long hours were coupled with an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work was the standard. It was a simpler time in our nation, when Americans defined themselves as living the “American Dream.”

The American Dream is unique – it has different meanings. It was always designed to be a symbol of pride and promise for a life full of potential opportunities. However, it seems that over time, what values Americans cherish have changed. We dream to do better with our lives, but individual circumstances make these dreams harder to obtain.

In the past few decades, it seems as if continual change has been the norm. From rapid technology advances to mass globalization, work has shifted dramatically and has been redefined into diverse jobs for a diverse work force.

The American Dream is still achievable, but our present day seems a little bleaker than we would like to admit – with financial burns from student and financial loans, a still struggling economy and political uncertainty happening as we speak. All these factors make us question, is the American Dream dead?

At Bonded Builders, we believe that the dream is alive and well. It has evolved and changed over time, but security, happiness and future growth are the cornerstones, and Bonded Builders has been proudly protecting the American Dream for more than 25 years. It is our goal to remain focused on continually improving our industry to embrace this dream for all Americans.

Each day we work with people who are living the American Dream. The builders, contractors and associates within our company are working hard to live the dream each and every day. We look at our business partners and associates as symbols of patriotism as they are helping facilitate the dreams of tomorrow. When you build a house, you are building a foundation for the American Dream. Bonded Builders is proud to be a leader in the industry that is literally building dreams from the ground up – one home at a time.