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Bonded Builders invites you to celebrate the Spirit of Membership by helping grow your local home builders association.

If you’re a new HBA member — or you have never signed up another member, Bonded Builders will give you a $35 Walmart gift card when you sign up your first new member to that association.

Through Dec, 31, 2011, you can also receive a $35 gift card for every builder member you recruit.

“The intent of this program is to offer support to the HBAs across the country,” says Whit Ward, president of BBWG. We recognize that membership is the life blood of the associations and we want to do what we can to help, just as we have done for the last 20 years. Any member of an association is eligible to receive the gift card and award.”

This award program is the brainchild of Howard Head, Founder of Bonded Builders Warranty Group. Both Head and Ward are former HBA Executive Officers, which give them a special appreciation of the work that is done for the building industry by those HBAs.

Along with the $35 gift card BBWG will provide a framed certificate of recognition printed on fine parchment paper.

Simply have the HBAs membership director send us a list of names of recipients and we’ll send the award for your next membership meeting.

All we ask is that, as in any promotion, you let your members know the gift card is from Bonded Builders.

This promotion is simply designed to support local home builder associations and does not require builder participation in our programs.

Any member of your association is eligible to receive this award when they bring in their first ever new member to your Association.

Bonded Builders is doing this to help stimulate membership at a time when members are not thinking about asking. An association does not need to have participated in the Spirit of Membership programs in the past in order to participate now.

To claim awards, please email or fax the following information. Be sure to include:

  • HBA Membership Manager’s contact information;
  • Award recipients names and company names;
  • Name of HBA;
  • Name of HBA President;
  • The date by which you’d like to receive the award.

Send this to Andi Lindberg at Bonded Builders Warranty Group by emailing alindberg@bondedbuilders.com or faxing (941) 743-0534. You can also call her at (800) 749-0381, Ext. 3140.

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