Soil Movement? “We’re on Top of It.”

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We walk on it, we live off it, and it’s always changing. Have any idea what it may be?

Dirt! Or better yet, soil.

Soil movement can be difficult to predict, and difficult to repair correctly. Each case is unique, and will require an equally unique plan of action, expertly designed to the type of soil, the moisture content, and the damage done to the home’s foundation.

Many Bonded Builders members who work in active soil areas have learned firsthand the benefits of our Structural Warranty, and the peace of mind it provides to both the builder, and the homeowner. Other Bonded Builders members who build in states, where active soils are not as much of a concern, may not be fully aware of the protection they are providing for themselves and their homeowners by using Bonded Builders. Our Risk Management and Claims teams are “your” soil movement experts.

When you have questions about soil conditions in an area you are considering building, Bonded Builders is there as your warranty partner to get you the answers you need.

Bonded Builders knows that your homeowners expect a home built on a solid and secure foundation. Since 80% of claims arise from soil movement, we know having the right warranty partner is very important. We have been protecting builders and homeowners from soil movement issues for over 25 years. When we say “Bonded Builders has you covered” we mean it.