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When you’ve been building homes for more than 40 years, you’ve seen it all. Building through boom and bust, war and peace, Shoemaker Homes of Central Mississippi continues to deliver quality, hand-crafted homes to families in Madison and Rankin counties.

Shoemaker Homes was founded by Hollis Shoemaker in 1971. In addition to being a homebuilder, Hollis served as president of the Home Builders Association of Jackson and the Home Builders Association of Mississippi. He was joined by his son, Scott, in 1998.

Scott took over as president of Shoemaker Homes in 2003, and he also has served as president of the Home Builders Association of Jackson and the Home Builders Association of Mississippi. The only father-son team to have done so.

Family is important for Shoemaker Homes, and working with families is one of the things Scott likes best about his company.

“The great thing about building for this size market is it’s a life change,” says Scott Shoemaker. “There’s excitement for people when they buy a house, and to be a part of that and help them with it is very rewarding.”

Shoemaker builds custom and spec homes in Madison and Rankin counties outside Jackson, Miss. Homes range from 1,200 to 1,600 square feet, priced from $155,000 to $185,000. Most homes have three bedrooms, two baths and two-car garages.

Scott says that by focusing this segment of the market, Shoemaker Homes has managed to stay busy in a lean market.

“Residential construction has had to change and evolve so much over the last few years,” Scott says. “It’s been tough, but not as tough as some places. It’s been a real wakeup time for residential construction as a whole.”

“Jackson is a great place to live,” he says. “People here recognize and understand that. We did not see the peaks that some places have, but we have not seen the valleys either.”

Scott says most homebuyers are attracted by open floorplans and split plans. He also says one feature that’s in demand is an outdoor fireplace. He says in the south, having a place outside to enjoy cool evenings with family really ties the home and yard together.

Scott says that his typical homebuyers include young couples and empty nesters. “People buying their first home, and people buying their last home,” he says. “Single moms and single dads are also buying our homes.”

Shoemaker Homes also has a strong commitment to supporting the community. Shoemaker Homes supports more than two dozen charities in the area — everything from programs for kids to hospice.

Scott says he is proud to offer the Bonded Builders warranty to his homebuyers.

“It’s a big selling tool,” he says. “particularly if you’re buying on of our pre-existing (inventory) homes. Having the Bonded Builder warranty tacked on with the house is a great benefit for the homebuyer.”

Scott says Shoemaker Homes uses the Bonded Builders collateral materials in their closing packets and at open houses so buyers understand how the warranty works all through the process.

“We want to wrap a nice warm blanket around buyers and say we’re good people and we’re in business with good people like the Bonded Builders warranty company,” Scott says.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to be the new home warranty provider for Shoemaker Homes. To learn more about Shoemaker Homes, visit their website. To learn more about the Bonded Builders new home warranty program, click here.

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