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For nearly 70 years, the Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas has represented home builders and industry associates, working to provide safe, affordable, quality housing to the citizens of Dallas and its surrounding communities.

Established in 1944 as an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders, the HBA of Greater Dallas has a seven-county jurisdiction, which includes Dallas, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman and Rockwall counties. It is additionally affiliated with the Texas Association of Builders, giving members privileges in the local, state and national organizations.

The HBA of Greater Dallas works to fulfill its mission by being the voice of the industry in local governmental issues, providing ongoing training and educational opportunities for its members and showcasing the professionalism and standards of its members through awards and events throughout the year.

“Advocacy is our true reason for being. If we can’t affect builder friendly laws, we will not have an industry,” says Kathey Comer, the HBA’s Executive Officer. “We work on a national, state and local level to address any problems our members might come up against.”

“Nationally, we are working very hard on credit and appraisal issues,” Kathey says. “On the state level, our big issues involve homeowners associations and county authorities. Locally, we deal with cities and counties on issues like Green Building programs and storm water.”

The HBA of Greater Dallas has more than 1,000 members. About 400 are builder members. Since the HBA covers a large area — even by Texas’ standards — the membership is divided up into five divisions based on geography and six councils based on membership type. Events are held in many different venues, so members have an opportunity to participate near where they are working.

“When we ask people why they join our association the No. 1 response we get is networking opportunities,” Kathey says.

Both builders and associates benefit from spending time together, gaining new customers and learning about new products and services. It’s a win-win, she says.

Education in another important service the HBA offers both builder and associate members. Kathey says the HBA offers programs on everything from how to run a business to code compliance.

“We have one of the best education programs in the United States,” says Kathey. “Members can take national designation courses or we have a series of local courses that we teach each year. We work very hard to keep our members up on all the latest codes, ordinances, laws and building issues.”

Since the HBA covers a vast area and has large membership base, its awards programs are highly competitive, and the awards have real value for the builder members.

“We have been around 70 years, so we have a great deal of credibility in the community. Our awards are highly sought after because they have real meaning for homebuyers,” says Kathey. “I see builders advertising their awards on billboards, and the programs give members a way to showcase their talents for home buyers.”

One of the HBA’s most popular competitions is the annual ARCAwards, which honor building excellence. The ARCAwards, created for Associates, Remodelers and Custom Builders, recognizes areas of unique achievement in both custom building and renovation in approximately 60 different categories.

Finally, Kathey says members of the HBA have a deep commitment to the communities they serve. The divisions each have groups they support. For instance, the Metro East division supports a local shelter for people affected by domestic violence and a local trades education program for kids. The entire HBA works to support U.S. troops serving overseas; and the Annual Parade of Homes is presented in part to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

To learn more about the HBA of Greater Dallas, visit their website.

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