Recycle and Profit

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the construction industry produces more than 136 million tons of waste material per year. This includes items that have the opportunity to be used on other construction projects (such as fixtures, brick, glass, conduit and countless other items), but instead go to landfills.

A newly established company named has been gaining favorable attention from the construction industry as an outlet for contractors to buy, sell and exchange surplus material while earning LEED points. The company has teamed with several industry organizations, including the Associated Builders and Contractors, Independent Electrical Contractors, Associated General Contractors and American Subcontractors Association, among others to further establish the important services the company is providing to the built environment.

According to a recent wire report from Waste Management: “There is an increasing demand for sustainable construction, such as higher reuse and recycling rates. At every construction site, builders have an opportunity to divert a variety of C&D traditional items from the landfill, such as wood, rock, metal, cardboard and plastic. In addition, there may be nontraditional items that can be put to reuse, like shingles, concrete, fiberboard and paneling.”

The website,, is providing an important way to divert materials.

“We’re providing a way for companies to connect and find a home for excess materials that might otherwise go into a dumpster,” said Kurt Fisher, the founder of “We’re a fledgling company, with a bright idea that is beginning to take off as we are rapidly gaining the attention of the construction industry.

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