HBA St. Louis: Green and Healthy

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The Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri has been one of the nation’s leaders in terms of educating its members and homebuyers on the benefits of Building Green and having a healthy home environment.

The HBA has an annual “Tour of Green Homes” and a section of its website dedicated to a “Healthy House.”

The HBA’s Green Building Council provides quarterly seminars, and has an active green building verification program called GBI-St. Louis.

The verification process for the GBI-St. Louis Program is handled through a third-party, and homes are must match the NAHB Model Green Building Guidelines.

In order to apply for verification through GBI-St. Louis Program, the builder must be a member of the Green Building Council.

The “Healthy House” section of the HBA’s website includes consumer information on potential allergy and asthma triggers and a guide to indoor air quality.

The HBA also has Building Green and Healthy House displays at local tradeshows. Both Building Green and Healthy Home also feature remodeling as well.

For more information on the Home Builders Association of St. Louis, call (314) 994-7700 or visit the HBA’s website.

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