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The Home Builders Association of Greenville, S.C., has been a voice for the residential construction industry since 1960. Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to be the HBA of Greenville’s new partner to help protect builders and homeowners with the best warranty program in the nation.

As an NAHB affiliate, the HBA of Greenville is a proponent of professional, ethical and best business practices for the building industry, advocating affordable, quality housing for residents in the greater Greenville area.

“The Bonded Builders warranty program is an additional element in our risk management suite of offerings. Like any other insurance product, it transfers the member’s risk longterm,” says Executive Vice President Michael Dey. “I also think there is a tremendous value in the eyes of the consumer to know that there is a third party standing behind the warranty the builder is offering. In the current economic environment, consumers are looking for that.”

In addition to the Bonded Builders new home warranty program, the HBA of Greenville serves its members by offering a host of valuable services, including governmental affairs, education, social and networking events, member discounts, trade shows and more.

If you’re in region served by the HBA of Greenville, one of the best reasons to be a member is insurance. The savings members get on Workers Comp and Builders Risk can more than cover the annual membership fee.

“One of the key services we offer is access to a Workers Comp program,” Michael says. “The South Carolina Home Builders Self Insurers is a stable program that’s been around since about 1995 — that’s not subject to the vagaries of the insurance industry.”

Michael says the HBA also has discounts on health insurance through a local agent, discounts on Verizon wireless and a host of discounts through NAHB and the HBA of South Carolina. (For a list of the NAHB discounts, click here. For a list of the HBA of S.C. discounts, click here.)

The HBA of Greenville works closely with more than a dozen local governments to keep members up to date on issues that affect the industry. The HBA also works to ensure regulations are sensible without adding needlessly to the cost of construction.

“Our approach to governmental affairs is pretty progressive, Michael says. “We make it a practice to work with local governments to solve problems. A lot of times we’re pretty quiet about it. We don’t see it as fighting some big battle. We see it as a partnership with local government.”

When it comes to education, Michael says the HBA works closely with NAHB to deliver the continuing education members need on their schedule and at their location. He says more and more classes are offered online, allowing members to get the training they need on a convenient schedule at any location they choose.

The Southern Home & Garden Show is one of the region’s most popular consumer trade shows. Recently, the HBA added a Fall edition of the popular show to its annual spring offering. In addition, the HBA produces an annual Tour of Homes to showcase the best craftsmanship and newest features available.

“This is a desirable place to live, Michael says. “We have a vibrant downtown. We are close to the mountains and the quality of life here is terrific. Anyone who visits here, says this is a place they would like to live.”

Michaels says he is optimistic about the future for the industry in the region. He says companies like Boeing and BMW are expanding and adding jobs.

“NAHB tells us we are one of the markets leading the recovery in housing,” Michael says. “For us what really drives our market is jobs. We did not get into the trap of overly speculative building. Although there was some of that here, it was not like it was in other places. The job creation that is occurring here through industry expansion has created a lot of jobs for us and that’s help growth.”

Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to partner with the HBA of Greenville to provide new home warranties for qualified builders. To learn more about Bonded Builders and our warranty products, contact John Lashley by calling (704) 226-6631 or emailing him at jlashley@bondedbuilders.com.

To learn more about the Home Builders Association of Greenville, visit their website. To learn more about the Bonded Builders Warranty Group, click here.

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