Georgia’s Epic Homes Serves Growing Families in Gwinnett County

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Epic Homes

Epic Homes builds in the Barringer Park subdivision of Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Joey Hipps President of Epic Homes, LLC, knows what families want in a new home.

By focusing on the exact family features move-up buyers crave and delivering homes at affordable prices, Hipps has carved out a growing niche in the Barringer Park subdivision in Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta.

Working as a one-man show, overseeing a network of proven subs, Hipps works hard to make sure the homes he builds match buyer expectations.

Joey Hipps

Joey Hipps, President of Epic Homes

“A sense of urgency is high on my list,“ he says. “I believe that when you take care of people’s issues and problems immediately, you are highly regarded in this industry.“

“I’m not a ‘well, we’ll get to it Monday’ kind of guy,” he says. “If it’s Saturday, we buckle down and get it taken care of on Saturday.”

Hipps and a couple of investors put together the capital to fund Epic Homes in early 2010. They bought their first subdivision in the spring.

Epic Homes specializes in the 3,000- to 3,500-square-foot-home with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a two-car garage. Lots are large compared to many subdivisions. Epic has secured about two dozen lots that average one-third of an acre with plenty of room between home sites. Finished homes are priced in the $240s to $270s.

Hipps says his homes are ideal for families with kids and pets who need room to play.

“One of the advantages of this community is there’s a lot of woods between streets,” Hipps says. “There’s big open spaces in between. None of the houses backup to each other.”

Epic Homes has a fully furnished model and sales center, where buyers can get a sense of six different floorplans. Buyers also work closely with a designer to pick colors and finishes for their new home.

“We have a full design center where people can pick what they want from start to finish,” Hipps says.

Barringer Park is located about four miles from the Mall of Georgia, the largest mall in the region. It’s in the Gwinnett County School System.

Hipps says that the Internet, direct-mail and signage are the primary ways Epic Homes reaches new customers. He says buyers in his category are increasingly looking for energy efficient homes.

“We’re EnergyWise certified and a Green Builder,” Hipps Says. “I think once this blip of the sour economy goes by, people are going to continue to buy energy-efficient homes. The market is continuing to go green.”

He says local codes more and more push builders to build green as well.

More than anything, Hipps says his buyers are looking for a secure and safe place to raise a family. He says he chose to enroll as a Bonded Builders member, to give customers the security they are looking for.

“The Bonded Builders Warranty is a huge asset in our sales process,” Hipps says. “With all the insecurity in the marketplace, buyers are looking for some security in buying that home, so that they are assured that if there ever is a problem with that home, there’s somebody standing behind it.”

“To me, that’s the single largest selling feature that I am offering today in my homes is the Bonded Builders Warranty,” Hipps says.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to be the home warranty provider for Epic Homes of Gwinnett County, Georgia.

You can reach Joey Hipps by calling (770) 231-7719, or by emailing

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