Defining Your Space

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floors.jpgBuyers want a smaller house, according to a designer featured in the Chicago Tribune. Many defining features have made their way down the price ladder from custom homes to semicustom and production homes.

Here are some tips for defining spaces:

Start at the Top

For a minimal investment, ceiling details set rooms apart. Decorative ceiling tiles and planks, or even a faux treatment with paint textures and stencils, add interest and definition. The ceiling is the third dimension. A dropped ceiling gives you implied enclosure.

For remodeling homeowners, it doesn’t have to be structural. A homeowner can add intimacy to a room by installing a coffered ceiling.

In her Not So Big House book, architect Sarah Susanka shows how a horizontal trellis can give the illusion of a lowered ceiling.

Layered drywall can create a coffered ceiling that costs less than one with wooden beams.

Flooring Options

In the 1960s, builders created sunken seating areas for entertaining. These do not jibe with today’s aging-in-place floor plans, though, which call for wheelchair-friendly smooth surfaces such as hardwood or tile.

For new homes use hardwood that changes direction to denote different living areas. Inlaid borders and designs in the wood also work.

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