Commercial General Liability – Are you properly protected?

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Typical commercial general liability insurance may cover you from a legal standpoint, but is it enough to give you complete protection? No! In our industry you need a solution that offers risk management services, contract services, and insurance coverage.

Every structure that you build has a legal statute of limitations which make you responsible for that home. You could be liable for the structures you build for up to 10 years, resulting in millions of dollars in potential construction and defect liability.

If you only have a commercial general liability policy and your plan of action is to turn complaints over to your insurance company to handle, you are leaving the door open for unnecessary exposure.  This means court, lawyers, time, and expense.

We have good news. You can avoid potentially devastating claims by partnering with a team of construction liability and risk management experts.

In a continuing effort to provide our builders with best-in-class service and innovative products, Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to announce that we are an approved warranty provider for Insurance Specialty Group, (ISG), in all ISG current markets.

 ISG is one of the nation’s leading insurance companies, providing a comprehensive set of services and products that protect your assets.  ISG is a team of construction liability experts that have a proven track record of maximizing your risk management coverage and ensuring you have carefully constructed warranty contracts, consistent sales agreement provisions and subcontractor agreements to minimize your exposure.

With the addition of ISG, we now have the capability to provide general liability options for builders nationwide.  We can deliver customizable, scalable, and innovative offerings regardless of volume and location.

Bonded Builders offers the most comprehensive risk management solution in the industry.

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