Charge Your iPhone on Your Kitchen Counter

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DuPont Building Innovations has joined the Power Matters Alliance and is working with other PMA members on wireless charging solutions for smartphones and tablets that can be effectively integrated into worktops made with DuPont’s Corian solid surface.

“The next phase in wireless power is seeing it embedded into surfaces used for furnishing solutions,” said Ron Resnick, President of PMA. “DuPont has been driving innovation for decades in the area of advanced materials. DuPont’s Corian solid surface is a globally renowned premium solution in the markets of furnishing and interior design, both commercial and residential.

The collaboration between PMA ( and DuPont Building Innovations marks another step forward in the PMA’s vision to make smart wireless power a ubiquitous part of our lives.” PMA was founded by Powermat Technologies and Procter & Gamble in 2012 and its board also includes representatives of AT&T, Duracell, Starbucks and the U.S. Government’s Energy Star (non-voting).

The Power Matters Alliance ( PMA was founded by Powermat Technologies and Procter & Gamble in 2012. A wide array of PMA-compliant products are available at leading retailers and compatible “wireless charging spots” have been installed at leading airports, stadiums, restaurants, gyms and hair salons. Membership of the PMA is open to all and its technical specifications are available to all members at

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