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Capaldo Construction of Upper Arlington, near Columbus, Ohio, was created out of a desire to create quality custom homes with a dedication to detail and proper planning. The owners, Robert and Mary Beth Capaldo, have been successful by maintaining a consistent rapport with clients. They personally manage each project from architectural drawing to certificate of occupancy.

In business since 2007, Capaldo Construction delivers two or three high-end, custom homes each year. Most homes are in the million-dollar range.

“Most of the big production builders left our market in 2007,” says Mary Beth. “We just decided to go for it and invested our life savings to start up on our own.”

Upper Arlington is northwest of Columbus, which is Ohio’s capital and home to The Ohio State University. Capaldo’s customers include executives and leaders in government and education.

Robert Capaldo began his career as a carpenter. He’s worked in several trades, getting hands-on experience to go with his formal education in Business Administration.

Prior to Capaldo Construction he held superintendent and management positions for several national custom home builders.

Mary Beth has a degree in Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institute in Napa, California, and a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Literature and Creative Writing from Ohio State.

Prior to Capaldo Construction, she designed commercial kitchens and worked with several major restaurants and national natural food groceries overseeing their food service remodels and new construction.

Robert and Mary Beth offer a unique blend of skills that delight their customers who are looking for homes that are both distinct and functional.

As a commercial kitchen designer and chef, Mary Beth offers customers design expertise that’s hard to beat. She says she likes to find out who the cook is in the family and look at what they like to cook and how they like to entertain. With this knowledge, she can design a layout and help pick appliances and fixtures that make the kitchen a stunning part of every Capaldo home.

“All the houses we build are individual. We don’t offer A, B, C, and D floorplans,” says Mary Beth. “Getting to know who the cook is and what they like to do in the kitchen, if there are children in the home… all those things play into it.”

Quality and craftsmanship are the core values of Capaldo Construction. Custom designs and thoughtful touches add to a homeowner’s quality of life. Complete customer satisfaction and a home that is unsurpassed in quality are the goal for every project.

Capaldo homes uses new media to find and communicate with buyers. An amazing website is supported by Facebook and twitter, so clients (and their families) can follow the construction even when they are far away.

“Social media has been really good for us,” says Mary Beth. “One home we built in New Albany was for a family with kids all over the country and in Israel. With Facebook, we could post pictures each week of the different phases of construction with excavation, concrete and framing and interiors. The family shared the pictures with friends and the audience grew, and it’s brought us new business.”

Mary Beth also says Twitter and LinkedIn have been helpful and all the social media sites are tied in to the company’s main website.

Capaldo Construction is proud to be involved and experienced in aspects of Green Building. Most home buyers want to invest in energy efficient homes that have a low impact inside and outside the home.

Capaldo offers sustainable energy choices on all levels, including, but not limited to: geothermal energy, tankless water heaters, duel-flush toilets, water sense faucets, 100 percent natural wool carpeting, recycled material and concrete cast countertops, natural cotton fiber insulation, 100 percent spray foam insulation, blown in cellulose wall cavity insulation, lifetime recycled plastic slate shingles, non-toxic paint, and flooring that includes options for cork, recycled leather tiles, reclaimed hardwood or agricultural fibers.

Mary Beth says having an insured, third-party warranty is crucial to their ability to offer homes their customer know will last for generations.

“It’s extremely important for our buyers,” says Mary Beth. “It’s come up three or four times in the bidding process where we hear other builders are not offering a structural warranty, and offering a warranty has helped us beat out other builders.”

To learn more about Capaldo Construction, visit their website.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group is proud to be the warranty provider for Capaldo Construction of Upper Arlington, Ohio. To learn more about our warranty programs, visit our website.

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