As A Builder, Your Brand Matters

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The Bonded Builders team has been traveling all over the country attending industry-leading trade shows. While attending these shows, we are always trying to gain valuable insights into our market. What is one of the most important topics that we find critical to our industry?


It’s vital for builders and contractors to have a marketing plan, and a solid brand in place to support a cohesive message. When people search for a builder or contractor, they want credibility, knowledge and expertise. You can establish yourself with solid branding activities that can differentiate you and solidify your reputation in the industry. To assist you, we have complied a list of our own to share so that you can more effectively brand your business.

Tools for Branding

Social Media –  Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very common tools to use for brand recognition. Facebook alone has 1 billion active users and 5,700 tweets are being posted every second. There is no bad time to share content for the world to see. Due to the fact that many people are already part of these social communities, it is an easy way to connect and engage with prospects to showcase who you are and what you do.

Houzz – This website is exclusively for builders and home buyers seeking inspiration in the home buyers’ market. It’s a good way to connect with people looking for your particular building style and a good way to display your work on a credible site. You can post pictures and gain insight to what your clients want and need in a new home.

Marketing Materials – Despite digital media being at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s never a bad idea to have printed marketing materials or handouts. These items have longevity especially with this industry. It is easy to look online and then forget where you found something in the sea of information. However, giving someone something tangible makes you stand out and is a physical reminder that you are there and ready to assist your clients.

At Bonded Builders we thrive on being your designated marketing team – working with each business to provide a custom brochure the builder can use to showcase their homes. Our marketing department also utilizes data analytics tools to form email campaigns, manages social media platforms, and designs advertisements for our various events and promotions.

Contact Bonded Builders to learn what customizable marketing solutions we have for our builders and discover what we can do to help you with your brand.