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70 West Builders of Jacksonville, N.C., is proud to design and build affordable, quality homes for local families, including military families, based at Camp Lejeune, New River MCAS and the other air stations and outposts in the area.

Founded by Allen Wells and Craig Smith in 2007, 70 West Builders delivers homes from 1,300 to 5,000 square feet in three different lines designed to match a potential buyer’s lifestyle.

Allen and Craig both have extensive experience working for national production builders. They did their homework when it came to selecting a market and developing product. Craig says they researched several potential markets before picking Jacksonville and worked hard to find unique designs that would provide families with comfortable and affordable homes.

“Allen and I started building large custom homes till that market evaporated,” says 70 West Builder Vice President Craig Smith. “Then we went back to the basics… to what we knew… and designed styles and product lines we thought would work.”

Jacksonville is a military town. And Craig says the marketing data he and Allen developed showed there was a need for certain products at certain price points, so they developed a plan and started building in Jacksonville in 2009.

The formula has worked. Craig says they have gone from building 28 homes the first year to 65 this year. He says 2012 looks even better.

“One of the things Allen and I did when we set up 70 West Builders is we set out to deliver the best customer service, Craig says. “The philosophy of a lot of builders in this market is that the buyer will be gone in two or three years so it’s all about the sale. We see it as a long-term relationship. They may be here or they may be gone, but they have friends, so we treat them like family… like how we’d want to be treated.”

Building primarily for military families provides both opportunities and challenges, Craig says, because families are sometimes separate for long periods of time and they may not stay in Jacksonville more than a few years.

By focusing on quality, Craig says they get tremendous referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. 70 West is well known among local realtors as a quality builder that’s committed to military families.

One place where this commitment is on display is 70 West sponsors parties for the Marine units when they are deployed and when they come home. Craig says everyone at 70 West is proud to work with the USO to honor the sacrifice veterans and their families have made for our country. He says it’s something he and his subs work hard every day to remember.

One special skill the company has developed is working with families where one partner might be deployed at some point during the purchase, construction or delivery process. He says that Marines have so many things to prepare for, 70 West works hard to make sure they can be a part of the design choices as much as possible no matter where they are.

Nothing beats coming home to a house you chose to design, Craig says. A Marine’s downtime should be spent enjoying family and backyard barbecues. 70 West works to make sure homes are comfortable, affordable and trouble free.

Craig says that’s one reason 70 West is proud to offer the Bonded Builders warranty.

When buyers learn about the warranty, what’s covered and the fact that it’s transferrable if they need to sell their home, that gives them a lot of confidence and peace of mind. They know they will have a well built home with a warranty that protects their investment.

“Our sales team goes over the structural warranty from Bonded Builders right from the beginning,” Craig says. “We also find that local realtors know a lot about Bonded Builders, so when they bring in buyers and the customer asks about the warranty, the realtor tells them all about Bonded Builders and the structural warranty behind the house. They feel like they are getting a good quality home with great customer service and a company that’s going to stand behind them in the long run.”

Bonded Builders is proud to be the new home warranty provider for 70 West Builders of Jacksonville, N.C. To learn more about 70 West Builders, visit their website. To learn more about Bonded Builders, visit www.bondedbuilders.com.

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