5-year Roof Leak & Workmanship Warranty

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What is the best part of ending your day? Is it sitting with your family and enjoying a home-cooked meal together? Or, maybe it is relaxing on the couch and watching the game you waited for all day? Perhaps it’s just being able to close your eyes after a stressful day and finally getting some sleep. What’s the common denominator here? Getting to go home, where you feel safe – in one house, under one roof.

A roof is perhaps the most understated feature of a home. Here at Bonded Builders Warranty Group our goal is to provide security for all homeowners. And this is why we are now offering a 5-year Roof Leak & Workmanship Warranty. Our revolutionary roof warranty is offered exclusively to professional roofing contractors who have been trained and certified through our alliance with the IBHS.

For the homeowner, they will receive tremendous benefits that includes five-year coverage, full transferability and deductible reimbursement. By utilizing our product through one of our certified roofing contractor, they will sleep easy knowing that if anything happens to the roof above their head, it will be taken care of – no questions asked.

We debuted this unique warranty at the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association’s 94th annual conference and tradeshow and the response was unanimous – it’s a game-changer. We provided more information on certification, how this product will gain our contractors a competitive edge, and how BBWG handles everything after a leak.

At Bonded Builders Warranty Group, we are here to protect you from the ground up. Your roof has you covered, and so do we.

Contact us today to learn more about our 5-year Roof Leak & Workmanship Warranty and how you can become a part of the BBWG team.  Visit our website for additional information on all of our products and services, and learn what makes BBWG a true leader in the building industry.